We have employed a skilled workforce, consisting both graduates and experienced professionals. Our technical team contributes to R&D, Technical services, and Quality controlling aspects related to the gelcoats, topcoats, and colourant pastes by transferring most up to date specialist knowledge, skills, and technology.


Our technical and commercial/ marketing experts continue to monitor the latest trends in the GRP market and develop new and re-shape/ further develop the existing products to consolidate our market share in the GRP market. 

Several exciting projects are currently in progress at Colorplas with the aim of improving the product portfolio of the company. The company aims to explore new markets in the Marine, Aero Space and swimming pools industry across the globe and the development work of new, robust gelcoats are almost nearing the completion. 

Future technologies

Newly developed research ties with academic institutions enabled us to feed the latest subject knowledge into the business. We are aiming and currently in the process of conducting research to develop new technologies to support our future product strategies. Exciting research projects such as “development of smart gelcoat systems to improve the damage tolerance and weather resistance”, “Let’s go Green” label projects such as “Styrene free gelcoats” and “Halogen free Fire-retardant gelcoats” are currently underway with the association with association with the Universities.

Customer support

As per the famous quote from Donald Porter, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong”, our technical team provides best solutions for any sort of customer queries in relation to materials or application.

Our experts can help you select the correct product, develop a bespoke product, train, and advise you on the correct application methods. As per request by some of our customers, we do conduct quarterly audits on their sites to improve the efficiency of the application techniques. We firmly believe that this helps our customers to reduce their waste by improving the productivity.

technical support

Quality control

Quality of our products is paramount for us and we ensure all relevant quality checks are done at appropriate stages of the gelcoats/ colourant pastes development process.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, working to our ISO 9001:2015 system and are amongst the best in the world. Only the finest materials and latest technologies are used to ensure the product suitability, stability, and usability. We also invest into testing the best raw materials for future products and formulas of existing products.